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Community Session

Community Session

$325.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price

Rhythm and Stroke community sessions


Pricing varies depending on time, number of students, etc....


Starting at $150.00+

50% of total due at booking

balance to be paid in full 14 days before the event


Patrons are responsible for providing:


Safe environment


Pool equipment

Pool rental

(*this list subject to change depending on contract)


All participants mst complete Rhythm and Stroke liabilty waiver, media release, EMC contact and COVID-19 forms


No refunds, no exchanges. All paperwork, including but not limited to liability waivers for each participant must be completed before the clients can participate in the clinic. 

50% of payment is due immediately. 
Balance is due 14 days before the event. 
Deposit in nonrefundable. 
Cancellations less than 10 days before the event, the entire fee is nonrefundable.
Cancellations less than 5 days before the event, the entire fee is non refundable and there will be no opportunity to reschedule the event.

ATTENDANCE: Any participants who fail to attend will not receive a make up session. Anyone late to the clinic– whether 2 min or 10 minutes can participate, but Coach André will not stop the class nor start over, the client will start where they entered the clinic- complete the remainder of the clinic as it stands, no time will be made up or rescheduled, no refund will be issued.
CELL PHONE: No cell phones (including text messaging) should be on while in class or a lesson/session in the pool area. If there is an extreme emergency and you have to take a call, step out of the pool area to take the call. Please keep the phone calls brief and if there is an emergency and you must leave the session early, report it to the instructor immediately.
BREAKS: There are No scheduled breaks given during class. No eating or drinking permitted in the pool area. If you need to take a break, you may do so. If permissible by US- bottled water may be on the pool deck.
DRESS CODE: Students are expected to come to class in their appropriate swim attire (swim suits, swim trunks). Only a towel, goggles, swim caps and/or water shoes are permitted in the pool area. No bags or coats, street clothes or street shoes are permitted in the pool area. Please check definition of appropriate swim attire.
a. Patrons should come to sessions with proper swim attire, failure to do so will result in a forfeited class. Proper Swim attire as defined includes but not limited to: Goggles, Swim Caps, Towel, Appropriately fitting-full one–piece swim suits for Women/Girls; Swim Trunks with netting for men/boys - Shirts/leggings (for males and females are acceptable), however, must be worn over proper swim attire, unless deemed inappropriate at the facility.
Wet Suits and long (knee length) speedos/shorts are also acceptable attire
PROHIBITBITED SWIM ATTIRE include but not limited to:
Two-piece swim suits
Swim suits with Cut outs of any kind
Clinics are NOT Open swim classes, they are structured curriculum based sessions. Students are discouraged from going to another end or area of the pool to engage in their own agenda or activities, this is considered disruptive behavior and anyone engaging in such behavior will receive a warning from the Instructor on the first offense and asked to leave on the second offense.
HORSE PLAY: NO Horse play is permitted in the water, NO running on the pool side, NO pushing/throwing others in to the water, NO pretending that you are drowning or in danger. This is all in strict violation of Pool Safety
DIVING: Diving is only permissible in 10 feet deep water and above. This should also be at the Instructor’s permission. NO Diving is permitted in shallow water
CODE OF CONDUCT: Misconduct by parents/grandparents etc... will lead to the immediate termination of lessons for the children as well. Misconduct towards Coach André, Lifeguards or anyone else affiliated with Rhythm and Stroke LLC, including other patrons and/or their family will not be tolerated
Coach André and Rhythm and Stroke LLC reserves the right to terminate lessons with a patron/client for misconduct of any kind.
Misconduct includes but is not limited to: loud talking, profanity, Disrespect, inappropriate touching, sexual harassment, disruptive behavior
violation of dress code etc
Students should rinse off in the shower before entering the water.

  • Return Policy

    No refunds

    No exchanges

    No transfers

    No make up sessions


  • COVID-19

    Due to COVID-19 

    Each person must wear a mask at all times while in the facility, except when they are in the water. 

    Due to Capacity issues, Only patrons receiving service will gain entrance into the facility.

    The dressing room has a restroom and a place to change, there is no shower. In the interest of time, please come properly dressed for your session. 

    If you are ill, call 216.309.AQUA or email, Do not come to your session

  • Thunder and Lightning

    If weather conditions include thunder and lightning, your session will be rescheduled. 

  • Ownership of your Certifications

    If your employer is covering the cost of your certification, your certificate and any other details regarding your certification will be given directly to your employer. Therefore, be sure to review your company's policies and procedures regarding ownership of your certificates. 

    If you are covering the cost of your certification then you will be given the details of your certication,  including your certificate. 


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