Do It Afraid Kids Application



Sessions are scheduled once participants are selected to join the program.

M-F: 10:30a-6:30p and Sat: 11a-2p based on availability



We are sponsoring 32 kids and adults this year thanks to our SwimSpa-A-Thon with The Place and Ohio Pools and Spas


Rhythm and Stroke LLC’s Coach André will provide instruction for 5 lessons for 30 minutes per lesson. 


  • Lessons are private due to COVID -19 and One child per qualifying family will be chosen.

  • 100% attendance A Must

  • For children 4 yrs and up (Must be potty trained)

  • For first time applicants only. Previous recipients do not qualify. 

Criteria for being chosen for the program:

     (1) Income guidelines:

              -Household 2:  less than or equal to $27,000.00/yr

              -Household 3:  less than or equal to $34,000.00/yr

              -Household 4:  less than or equal to $40,000.00/yr

               Parents will have to provide the most recent tax year W2 for proof of income or a letter from their current employer or unemployment.

Send an Email to : with your name and "DIA proof of income" in the subject line. 

      (2) Desire to learn to swim 

      (3) Commitment to attending all sessions with 100% attendance. 

Once chosen, the ‘Do It Afraid’ kids classes are Free (or offered at a reduced rate)for these participants. We also have some goggles, swim caps and Swim suits. 

No 2-piece suits, No hair beads, No jewelry permitted in the pool.

Parents must stay with children and watch from the deck but are NOT permitted in the water.

Parents/Guardians should also adhere to Rhythm and Stroke proper code of conduct. 


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