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Do It Afraid Kids Application


SEPT 2023

Sessions are scheduled once participants are selected to join the program.


We are sponsoring 10 kids and adults this year 


Rhythm and Stroke LLC’s Coach André will provide instruction for 5 lessons for 30 minutes per lesson. 


  • Lessons are private due to COVID -19 and One child per qualifying family will be chosen.

  • 100% attendance A Must

  • For children 6 mon-5y (swim diapers mandatory for children who are not potty trained)

  • For first time applicants only. Previous recipients do not qualify. 

Criteria for being chosen for the program:

     (1) Income guidelines:

              -Household 2:  less than or equal to $27,000.00/yr

              -Household 3:  less than or equal to $34,000.00/yr

              -Household 4:  less than or equal to $40,000.00/yr

               Parents will have to provide the most recent tax year W2 for proof of income or a letter from their current employer or unemployment.

Send an Email to : with your name and "DIA proof of income" in the subject line. 

      (2) Desire to learn to swim 

      (3) Commitment to attending all sessions with 100% attendance. 

Once chosen, the ‘Do It Afraid’ kids classes are Free (or offered at a reduced rate)for these participants. We also have some goggles, swim caps and Swim suits. (supplies limited and sizes vary) 

All selected participants must attend a mandatory orientation, complete required forms and commit to the agreed upon schedule- no makeup sessions will be permitted.


No 2-piece suits, No hair beads, No jewelry permitted in the pool.

Parents must stay with children and watch, but are NOT permitted in the water.

Parents/Guardians should also adhere to Rhythm and Stroke proper code of conduct. 


Thanks! Message sent.

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