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programs: 2024

We Currently offer:




  • Provides one on one training with Coach André, Swim lessons, Rehab or PT

Private Swim Lessons: 

  • Due to COVID-19 we no longer offer semi-private sessions unless the sessions are for people in the same family/household that can remain safe while working together.  Private Sessions range from 30 min to 60 minute sessions with a minimum requirement of five (5) sessions. 


  • While we are NOT licensed Physical Therapists, we offer Aquatic rehab therapy as a supplemental service to your rehab with your therapist. Our Aquatic rehabilitation program is therapeutic for mental and physical conditions such as anxiety, depression and physical injuries. We provide techniques for those who need to use the water for rehabbing sore muscles and joints. This program is also great for pre-and post surgical procedures, such as knee and hip replacements (with physician permission). We also team up with NorthCoast Cyro for cryotherapy treatments during the rehabilitation process as well. This service does NOT take medical or supplemental insurance.

Personal Training:

  • One on One training with Coach André for weight loss and/or toning

Rhythmic Aquatic Workout


The R.A.W. program will consist of circuit training, using aquatic bikes, treadmills and aqua aerobics for cardio workout accompanied with water weights for resistance training.


  • R.A.W. Circuit: Each session will be 30 minutes in length in our Aquatic circuit. This aquatic workout is like no other and is low impact on the body while High intensity. 

  • R.A.W. Ride: This is a 30 minute aqua cycling . The session is instructor lead and provides a high intensity workout with low impact on the knees and joints.



  • The ‘Do It Afraid’ Swim Program is for fearful swimmers.

  • The Program is a collaboration of ELYSTA Foundation, USA Swim Make A Splash (kids) and USMS (adults) and Rhythm and Stroke LLC as they tackle the task of eliminating fear, elevating confidence and equipping swim survival skills in individuals fearful of the water.


   Every April we will honor our Aqua Angel, Daphne Johnson, by offering 5- 30 minute private lessons for FREE to one or two scholarship recipients. [Next session TBD].

Lifeguard Certification & Re-Cert

  • Provides lifeguard training with Coach André. Sessions by Appointment Only. ​Please Contact Us

LOCATION: Please note- at our current location there is a restroom/changing area. While this area offers a homely atmosphere, there is no shower available.  


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