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The Vision of you Swimming                                    Inspires our Mission!

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Rhythm and Stroke LLC is designed to meet the aquatic fitness needs of all ages. Rhythm and Stroke LLC brings an Aqua Fresh approach to our ‘learn to swim program’, advance swim coaching and aqua aerobics classes. Teaching infant survival, learn to swim, stroke refinement and conditioning is what we do well. We strive to improve and enhance the swimming ability and skills of swimmers through our teaching methods. We strengthen and tone muscles and burn calories through our aerobics workout routines. We meet you where you are and strive to make you a better swimmer and conditioned individual through our Rhythm and Stroke aquatic instruction.


Rhythm and Stroke LLC is the future of swimming and aerobics activity in and around the water. Our teaching style will be the new standard for aquatics professionals all over the world.  The effectiveness of our teaching methods will impact many groups of people and show and prove that everyone can indeed swim.  
Rhythm and Stroke guarantees to provide each client with: 
(1) Customer Care 
(2) Fundamental Survival Swim Skills 
(3) Advance Swim Skills for those who choose to continue on with learning the intricate details of swimming 
(4) A safe environment for swimming and aquatic exercise
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