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Splash & Friends is a 3D animation series created in order to change the narrative of swimming globally.


Splash is the King of water safety. He along with SuperNatural & others will cross rivers, creeks, pools & oceans. He will cross cultures and address the facts vs the myths of swimming, while fighting off the evil Antagoni who stirs up the tides.


Splash and Friends is an engaging and educational story about the importance of water safety, teamwork, and conquering fear. As young readers dive into the world of these lovable aquatic characters, they embark on a journey that goes beyond the surface. Through the captivating adventures of Splash and his friends, children not only learn about the vital principles of water safety but also discover the transformative power of teamwork and the courage it takes to overcome their fears.

        With each turn of the page, the story unfolds, revealing how Splash and his friends navigate challenges, learn to communicate effectively, and work together harmoniously. The narrative beautifully illustrates the significance of friendship in overcoming obstacles, instilling in children the value of collaboration and mutual support.

        Moreover, the tale delves into the realm of conquering fear—an essential lesson for young minds. As Splash and his friends encounter unfamiliar waters and unexpected situations, they teach readers that facing their fears can lead to personal growth and newfound confidence. This empowering theme resonates strongly, encouraging children to embrace challenges and uncertainties with bravery.

        Incorporating these themes into an engaging storyline, Splash and Friends not only imparts crucial knowledge but also entertains and inspires. The colorful illustrations vividly depict the underwater world, captivating the imaginations of young readers and immersing them in an unforgettable learning experience.

        Ultimately, Splash and Friends goes beyond teaching water safety; it fosters a deeper understanding of the values that shape resilient individuals—safety awareness, teamwork, and the ability to conquer fears. Through this captivating tale, children are encouraged to embrace these principles, carrying them forward into their real-life adventures.

Incorporating water safety, teamwork, and conquering fear, Splash and Friends is a must-read for young readers seeking both entertainment and valuable life lessons.

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GOAL: $25,000

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