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Session Instructions

All Aquatic lessons/classes are designed to provide water instruction and/or exercise. These sessions require full participation, your undivided attention and continuous practice of water safety.


Attendance: Students are required to be registered for each class/lesson they attend. Failure to register will cause student(s) not to be permitted to enter the class/lesson

Participation: Each student is expected to have full class participation and engage in class activities  

Cell phone: No cell phones (including text messaging) should be on while in class or a lesson or in the pool area. If there is an extreme emergency and you have to take a call, you must step out into the hallway to take the call. Please keep the phone calls brief and if there is an emergency and you must leave the class early, report it to the instructor immediately.

Breaks: No breaks are given during class. No eating or drinking permitted in the pool area

Dress Code:  Students are expected to come to class in their appropriate swim attire. Proper Swim attire includes: Goggles, Swim Caps, towel, appropriately fit full one –piece Swim Suits for Women/Girls, Swim Trunks for men/boys, Shirts (for  males and females are acceptable), however, must be worn over proper swim attire,   unless deemed otherwise at the facility. Small children who are not potty-trained must wear “little swimmers” and/or other swim diapers. Wet Suits and long (knee length) speedos/shorts are also acceptable attire. Only a towel, goggles, swim caps and/or water shoes are permitted in the pool area. No bags or coats, street clothes or street shoes are permitted in the pool area. Prohibited swim attire include but not limited to:  1) Two-piece swim suits, cut out swim suits 2) thongs, and/or 3) brief style speedos. No beads/Hair bows or other hair accessories that can clog the pool drain. 

Horse Play: NO Horse play is permitted in the water, NO running on the pool side, NO pushing/throwing others in to the water, NO pretending that you are drowning or in danger. This is all in strict violation of Pool Safety

Diving: Diving is only permissible in 10 feet deep water and above. This should also be at the Instructor’s permission. NO Diving is permitted in shallow water

MOMMY&ME: Parents must be in the water with each child participating in a mommy and me class (one parent/guardian per child), children must wear proper swim attire including swim diapers. All other classes with Children will be under the direction of Coach Andre and/or Rhythm and Stroke staff. 

Refund policy: It is the policy of Rhythm and Stroke LLC, that ALL fees are nonrefundable including but not limited to: registration fee and class fees are nonrefundable.

This is a friendly and safe environment, disrespect of any kind to the Instructor, Lifeguards, students or affiliates of Rhythm and Stroke LLC will not be tolerated and you will be asked to exit the pool area if displaying disruptive behavior.

We encourage you to engage in helping other students, please keep conversations positive and short as not to disrupt the Instructor nor the flow of the class. Please do not engage in conversation about other Instructors or other students. Any questions you may have can be directed to Coach Andre after class or via email at 

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