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Rhythm and Stroke Aquatics

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FAQs 2024:

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Coach Andre' 
ASCA 2023

Impact Coach of the Year!

September 2023: Coach Andre' wins Impact Coach of the Year at the ASCA World Clinic 2023!

Black History and Swimming


ACE OHIO FUNDS will expire July 1, 2024. If you have ACE funds and would like to use them for Swim lessons with Rhythm and Stroke LLC, please click CONTACT US ACE below. 

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Every Child A Swimmer

We are in partnership with Every Child A Swimmer for our Do It Afraid Kids program. This program allows for FREE swim lessons for children ages 12mon- 17 yrs who meet the guidelines. Learn more here: DO IT AFRAID kids

Adult Learn to Swim Grant! 

10-30 minute sessions for Free

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