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SESSION Information

Coach André is an excellent Swimmer and Instructor who will assess your skill set and have you equipped with the proper tools to learn to swim and perfect your skill in no time. Coach André is WSI and LGI Certified. He is also a USMS Certified Instructor and owner of Rhythm and Stroke in NorthEast Ohio. Coach André prides himself on eliminating the myth that black people cannot swim. He has instructed over 800 children and adults since 2016 on the art of swimming.

Coach André has a Master’s degree in Communications and dual Bachelorette degrees, one in Water Resource Management and the other in Communications. Coach André swam competitively for several years. Now he shares his experience and expertise with others. Teaching everyone from fearful newcomers to the water, to more advanced swimmers who have a desire to enhance their swim skills. Coach André has equipped several students with not only the necessary swim survival techniques but also teaching them proper form. Coach André has worked with everyone from infants and children, to seniors and those desiring to enter into the military who must first pass their swim exam.

You are in good hands with Coach André!


The lessons are arrange based on client current skill level. Each client, including current clients, will be accessed by Coach André to determine their RandS Swim Level. This will be a 15-20 min assessment for current clients and a 30 minute assessment for new clients. There is no fee for this assessment, but assessments will not be scheduled until after each client has completed and paid for registration. There is a one-time annual Registration fee of $25.00 per client. Renewal will be September 1st for all clients.

There are six (6) levels. The use of RandS levels will allow clients to see their current swim strengths and assess areas of growth and development.

Attendance:  In order for each client to obtain growth and development, it is imperative that client’s come to each scheduled lesson. It is also important that all clients come to a minimum of 5 lessons in order to give themselves and Coach Andre time to work together on new skills.  Cancellation of a lesson must take place at least 48 hours before the scheduled lesson via text message or voicemail to Coach Andre.

LOCATION: Our current Location does NOT have a rinse off Shower, please plan accordingly. 

Rhythm & Stroke LLC

If you are experiencing any COVID 19 symptoms, please CALL ASAP or email Coach Andre, DO NOT come to your session. Any lesson that is cancelled less than 48 hours before the scheduled time will be considered an Active lesson and will count as redeemed and will not be eligible for reschedule or refund. All other lessons cancelled within 48hours or more, can be rescheduled with Coach Andre according to availability but will also not be eligible for refund.

*Exception: Lessons for Children under the age of 10 years old can be cancelled within 24 hours due to illness, but will also not be eligible for refund. If a lesson for a child under age 10yrs of age is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, that lesson will be considered an Active lesson and will count as redeemed and will not be eligible for reschedule or refund.  

**Active lesson- The definition of an Active lesson is a Lesson that has been deemed ‘completed’.**

All no call, no show lessons will count as active lessons and will count as redeemed and will not be eligible for reschedule or refund. More than 2 no call, no show lessons will count as forfeit of lessons, all future lessons will be cancelled by Coach Andre, removed from the calendar and all additional lessons will be lost and not eligible for reschedule or refund.

Tardiness: Anyone late to a lesson – whether 2 min or 10 minutes can participate, but Coach Andre will not stop the class nor start over, the client will start where they entered the lesson and/or class- complete the remainder of the active lesson/class as it stands, no time will be made up or rescheduled, no refund will be issued.

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