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Daphne Johnson Swim Scholarship


Rhythm and Stroke presents the Daphne Johnson Swim Scholarship. 


            Daphne became our Water Angel on March 3rd, 2018.

Daphne had a love/hate relationship with the water, but eventually love won. Starting in my beginners class, I can remember Daphne would get frustrated trying to float, it was not unusual for her to entertain the class with her classic one leg hop as she worked to find her balance in the water.  The challenge of learning to swim did not defeat Daphne, she stuck with it and eventually advanced to my intermediate class. 

           Daphne enjoyed the group setting but was a fan of private lessons. Before she received her wings she told me to keep her lessons scheduled because she would back in April, while she did not return to the water in the physical form, I know our water angel is with us always. Therefore, each year, as the Spring begins to bloom, selected recipients will receive (5)- 30 min private lessons in her honor. 

           March 9th, 2019 we officially announce our Daphne Johnson Swim Scholarship.

Applicants can apply below: 

Daphne Johnson Swim Scholarship

Thanks for submitting!

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