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Ohio, United States

Rhythm and Stroke LLC is proud to present our R.A.W. program. The R.A.W. program will consist of aquatic bikes, treadmills and trampolines for cardio workout accompanied with water weights and bands for resistance training.

R.A.W. Circuit: Each class will be 30 minutes in length in our Aquatic circuit. You will power-up on each piece of equipment for 2 minutes. This aquatic workout is like no other in the area and is low impact on the body while High intensity. 

R.A.W. Ride: This is a 30 minute aqua cycling class. The class is instructor lead and provides a high intensity workout with low impact on the knees and joints. 

Classes begin October 2017 at the Clarion Inn (Hudson) - 7 minutes from Macedonia commons

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Purchase individual classes for ONLY $20 each
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*Special rates apply to month-to-month packages
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