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I am the CEO of Rhythm and Stroke LLC, an Aquatics organization where we focus on Aquatic exercise as well as Swim survival and technique development and advancement. I have been an Aquatics Instructor for over ten years, working with organizations such as Cuyahoga Community College, Notre Dame College, and Woodberry Schools , to name a few. I swam competitively for several years and I enjoy sharing my experience and expertise with others. Teaching everyone from fearful newcomers to the water, to more advanced swimmers who have a desire to enhance their swim skills. I have equipped several students with not only the necessary swim survival techniques but also proper form, breathing and necessary strokes to take each individual to their next level. I have experience working with everyone from infants and children, to seniors and I’ve assisted individuals desiring to enter into the military who must first pass their swim exam. I have also certified aspiring lifeguards as well as provided continuing education credits for current lifeguards.

Rhythm and Stroke LLC offers Swim lessons (semi-private and private), these lessons also consist of small groups for Mommy and me sessions, Military candidates and Personal training. We also offer AQUA HIIT for those looking for a High Intense workout in the water. AQUA HIIT can assist in weight loss as well as minimize stress on the body. 

Our vision and mission is to equip seniors and young people with the skill of swimming while also providing an opportunity to fight obesity with the highest ranking effective full body work out. The opportunity to branch out and bring our vision to light has been the perfect synthesis of my educational background, personal mission and work experience. I have a Master's degree in Communications, I am WSI and LGI certified and have up to date certificates in CPR and First Aid. It is my mission to help others swim and aid them in their fear of the water, especially in the minority communities.

In the water, We believe as you inhale confidence, you will exhale fear!

I look forward to meeting you in the water! 

#SwimStrong #iSwim
- Coach Andre'

WSI Certified 
CPR and First Aid Certificates

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