Are you an Adult that's afraid to learn to Swim?

ELYSTA Foundation & Rhythm and Stroke LLC proudly present their new FREE program for individuals who are fearful of the water which is preventing them to learn to swim.

The ' DO IT AFRAID' program is for
non-swimmers who are interested in Conquering their fears of the water in an effort to learn the fundamentals of swimming!

Do it Afraid Program! Wave 4

Do It Afraid Wave 4 and registration- Classes begin March 2018

Space is limited. Not all applicants will be chosen. *Rules apply*
**Must not have any prior fundamental swim experience
*Must be 18yrs+
*Must be able to attend ALL sessions offered.

*Must be willing to allow your process to be published online and other public outlets including but not limited to photographs, videos, and commercials.

The ‘Do It Afraid’ Swim Program is for fearful swimmers 18 years of age and older. The ‘Do it Afraid’ Swim Program is a collaboration of ELYSTA Foundation and Rhythm and Stroke LLC as they tackle the task of eliminating fear, elevating confidence and equipping swim survival skills in individuals fearful of the water.

E.L.Y.S.T.A. Productions is founded on the principles of Empowerment and Confidence. E.L.Y.S.T.A. stands for Empowered Ladies and men Yearning for Spirituality, Togetherness and Achievement. E.L.Y.S.T.A. Foundation is a non-profit sector of ELYSTA Productions. Our Mission is to enhance self-esteem, family values and character in both men and women of all ages. Through encouragement and positive re-enforcement, we equip individuals with the tools to exuberate confidence, etiquette, and empowerment!

Rhythm and Stroke LLC’s mission is to teach learn to swim, stroke refinement and conditioning to all ages. We strive to improve and enhance the swimming ability and skills of swimmers through our teaching methods. We meet you where you are and strive to make you a better swimmer and conditioned individual through our Rhythm and Stroke aquatic instruction.

Together our vision is for a group of fearful swimmers to become a group of empowered swimmers whose fears have been eliminated, ensuring that they have practical tools for accomplishing these visionary ends. We do this work by convening, engaging, mobilizing and supporting each individual on this journey.

The fear of swimming has crossed a multitude of decades and generations, in particular in the African–American and Hispanic communities. This program will be a perfect synthesis of ELYSTA and Rhythm and Stroke’s mission to empower people by disabling fear. Fear can be such a debilitating tool that holds so many people back from achieving greatness, but once it is conquered and fears are overcome each individual will be overwhelmed with a feeling of accomplishment that is indescribable.

Rhythm and Stroke LLC and ELYSTA foundation will sponsor 10 fearful swimmers. Interested swimmers must complete a registration form and explain why they should be chosen to partake in the ‘Do it Afraid’ Swim Program. Once chosen, the ‘Do It Afraid’ classes are Free for these participants (all swim wear, equipment or any other materials needed for lessons (ie Goggles, Swim caps etc…) are at the expense of the participant).

Rhythm and Stroke LLC’s Coach Andre’ has graciously agreed to donate some of his time and Kimberly Brown of ELYSTA Foundation has agreed to raise the necessary funds for equipment, pool rental etc… Under Coach Andre’s tutelage, these ten fearful swimmers will undergo ten 45 minute semi-private swim lessons to be completed within 60 days.

All interested clients must register online at

Together, E.L.Y.S.T.A. and Rhythm and Stroke LLC will use the ‘Do it Afraid’ Program to help their clients Inhale Confidence and Exhale Fear.

Do it Afraid Wave IIII - Adult Learn to Swim for fearful adults

**Fundraising for the program is required**

“Letting Go of Fear and Doing it Afraid"

Rhythm & Stroke LLC

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Ohio, United States

Rhythm and Stroke LLC and ELYSTA Foundation present:

The ‘Do It Afraid’ Swim Program

After only 10 sessions - they are floating !

They Did it Afraid

Learn to Swim with Coach André

Do it Afraid Program